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Sun. 29 May, 2022

Rhys Nicholson 7:00 PM
Rhys Nicholson

Sat. 18 June, 2022

Kat and Stav Davidson 9:00 PM
Kat and Stav Davidson
He Said, She Said

Thu. 3 March, 2022

GC Laughs Launch Party 6:00 PM
GC Laughs Launch Party
at Burleigh Brewing

Sat. 12 March, 2022

GC Laughs Gala 7:30 PM
GC Laughs Gala
The Biggest Night of Comedy on the Coast

Sun. 13 March, 2022

Michelle Brasier 6:30 PM
Michelle Brasier
Melanie Bracewell 8:00 PM
Melanie Bracewell
Ooh La La
Cameron James 8:15 PM
Cameron James
Electric Dreams

Thu. 17 March, 2022

Emma Holland 6:40 PM
Emma Holland
Aaron Chen 7:00 PM
Aaron Chen
If Weren't Filmed, Nobody Would Believe
Nikki Britton 7:30 PM
Nikki Britton
One Small Step
Ivan Aristeguieta 7:45 PM
Ivan Aristeguieta
Happy Papi
Matt Ford 8:05 PM
Matt Ford
Get On Board
Dani Cabs 8:15 PM
Dani Cabs
Poncho: Keep it Up!
John Cruckshank 9:05 PM
John Cruckshank
WCT: Choof Meridian

Fri. 18 March, 2022

Kirsty Webeck 7:00 PM
Kirsty Webeck
Silver Linings
Peter Helliar 7:00 PM
Peter Helliar
Damien Power 7:10 PM
Damien Power
Love Thy Neighbour? No Thanks.
Bec Charlwood 8:20 PM
Bec Charlwood
Why Not?
Harley Breen 8:30 PM
Harley Breen
Dusty Rich 8:45 PM
Dusty Rich
Lizzy Hoo 8:45 PM
Lizzy Hoo
Hoo Cares?

Sat. 19 March, 2022

Ben Kochan and Concetta Caristo 6:00 PM
Ben Kochan and Concetta Caristo
Funny As Sin
David Quirk 6:20 PM
David Quirk
Astonishing Obscurity
Blake Freeman 6:30 PM
Blake Freeman
Nick Cody 6:45 PM
Nick Cody
Classique Cody
Dave Hughes 7:00 PM
Dave Hughes
Mel Buttle 7:30 PM
Mel Buttle
Here if You Need
Kat and Stav Davidson 8:00 PM
Kat and Stav Davidson
He Said, She Said
Shayne Hunter 8:05 PM
Shayne Hunter
Australian History
Simon Taylor 9:05 PM
Simon Taylor
Oliver Twist 9:30 PM
Oliver Twist

Sun. 20 March, 2022

Chris Ryan 6:00 PM
Chris Ryan
Can't Complain
Luke Heggie 8:35 PM
Luke Heggie
Your Stupid

Sat. 7 May, 2022

Simon Taylor (Encore) 9:15 PM
Simon Taylor (Encore)

Sun. 8 May, 2022

Becky Lucas 7:00 PM
Becky Lucas
So Funny!

Wed. 11 May, 2022

Aunty Donna 7:30 PM
Aunty Donna
The Magical Dead Cat Tour

Thu. 12 May, 2022

Burleigh Comedy 6:00 PM
Burleigh Comedy
at Burleigh Brewing
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