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Fri. 17 December, 2021

GC Laughs Xmas Gala 7:30 PM
GC Laughs Xmas Gala
Tree-Mendously Good Show

Wed. 11 May, 2022

Aunty Donna 7:30 PM
Aunty Donna
The Magical Dead Cat Tour

Sat. 13 March, 2021

GC Laughs Gala 7:00 PM
GC Laughs Gala
The Biggest Night of Comedy on the Coast

Thu. 18 March, 2021

Ivan Aristeguieta 7:00 PM
Ivan Aristeguieta
Frenchy 8:30 PM
Bob Franklin 8:45 PM
Bob Franklin
Because Time is Timeless
Aaron Gocs 9:00 PM
Aaron Gocs
Gocsy Tonight

Fri. 19 March, 2021

Nick Cody 6:30 PM
Nick Cody
Dad Bod
Danielle Walker 7:00 PM
Danielle Walker
Myths and Legends
Luke Heggie 7:15 PM
Luke Heggie
Fiona O'Loughlin 8:45 PM
Fiona O'Loughlin
The Unreliable Witness
Gen Fricker 8:45 PM
Gen Fricker
Michelle Brasier 9:00 PM
Michelle Brasier
Average Bear

Sat. 20 March, 2021

Neel Kolhatkar 6:00 PM
Neel Kolhatkar
Joel Creasey 6:45 PM
Joel Creasey
Messy Bitch
Craig Quartermaine 7:00 PM
Craig Quartermaine
Historically Accurate
Sam Taunton 7:15 PM
Sam Taunton
Women Like Us 8:10 PM
Women Like Us
With Mandy Nolan & Ellen Briggs
Dan Rath 8:45 PM
Dan Rath
Strawberry Palace
Hot Department 9:00 PM
Hot Department
Open For Business
Tommy Little 9:15 PM
Tommy Little
I'll See Myself Out

Sun. 21 March, 2021

The Dusty Rich Comedy Circus 6:00 PM
The Dusty Rich Comedy Circus

Sun. 11 April, 2021

Daniel Sloss (SCO) 7:30 PM
Daniel Sloss (SCO)

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