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Sat. 14 March, 2020

GC Laughs Festival 7:00 PM
GC Laughs Festival
2020 Opening Gala

Thu. 19 March, 2020

Joel Creasey 7:00 PM
Joel Creasey
Messy Bitch
Gen Fricker 7:15 PM
Gen Fricker
Very Important and Extremely Brave
Sam Simmons 7:15 PM
Sam Simmons
Larry Dean (SCO) 7:30 PM
Larry Dean (SCO)
Blake Freeman 8:30 PM
Blake Freeman
Women Like Us 8:45 PM
Women Like Us
Mandy Nolan & Ellen Briggs
Hot Department 9:00 PM
Hot Department
Open For Business
Aaron Chen 9:45 PM
Aaron Chen
Mr Cigarette
Dusty Rich (RSA) 10:00 PM
Dusty Rich (RSA)
Bad Idea

Fri. 20 March, 2020

Em Rusciano 7:00 PM
Em Rusciano
Unplugged and Unhinged
Double Denim 7:15 PM
Double Denim
James Veitch (UK) 7:15 PM
James Veitch (UK)
Becky Lucas 7:30 PM
Becky Lucas
My Neck, My Back
Sam Campbell 8:30 PM
Sam Campbell
Heath Franklin's Chopper 8:45 PM
Heath Franklin's Chopper
The Silencer
The Absolutely Mint Show 9:00 PM
The Absolutely Mint Show
Randy Feltface 9:30 PM
Randy Feltface
Modus Operandy
Late Laughs 10:00 PM
Late Laughs

Sat. 21 March, 2020

Dusty Rich (RSA) 3:00 PM
Dusty Rich (RSA)
Stand Up Comedy for Kids (and Adults)
Aaron Gocs 5:00 PM
Aaron Gocs
Gocsy Tonight
Mark Watson (UK) 6:00 PM
Mark Watson (UK)
This Can't Be It
Danielle Walker 7:15 PM
Danielle Walker
Myths and Legends
Nick Cody 7:30 PM
Nick Cody
Dad Bod
Lauren Bonner 8:30 PM
Lauren Bonner
Matt Okine 8:45 PM
Matt Okine
Solo Diner
Luke Heggie 9:00 PM
Luke Heggie
Melanie Bracewell 9:45 PM
Melanie Bracewell
The Rumours Are True

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