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Sat. 16 March, 2024

Takashi Wakasugi 5:30 PM
Takashi Wakasugi
Japanese Aussie
Geraldine Hickey 6:45 PM
Geraldine Hickey
Don't Tease Me About My Gloves
Alexandra Hudson 7:00 PM
Alexandra Hudson
Making Lemonade
Dave Hughes 7:15 PM
Dave Hughes
Fully Furnished
He Huang 8:30 PM
He Huang
Tiger Daughter vs The World
Rhys Nicholson 8:30 PM
Rhys Nicholson
Huge Big Party Congratulations
Heath Franklin’s Chopper 8:45 PM
Heath Franklin’s Chopper
Not Here To F*ck Spiders

Wed. 20 March, 2024

Micky Bartlett 7:00 PM
Micky Bartlett

Thu. 21 March, 2024

Dilruk Jayasinha 6:30 PM
Dilruk Jayasinha
Fern Brady 7:00 PM
Fern Brady
I Gave You Milk To Drink
Nazeem Hussain 7:00 PM
Nazeem Hussain
Totally Normal
Damien Power 8:00 PM
Damien Power
Not So Funny Now Is It?
Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards 8:30 PM
Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards
Date Night
Luke Heggie 9:30 PM
Luke Heggie

Fri. 22 March, 2024

Felicity Ward 6:30 PM
Felicity Ward
I'm Exhausting!
Sonia Di Iorio 6:30 PM
Sonia Di Iorio
I'm Not A Robot
The Stevenson Experience 7:00 PM
The Stevenson Experience
Stranger Twins
Ting Lim 7:00 PM
Ting Lim
Well...This Is Awkward
Luke Heggie 8:00 PM
Luke Heggie
Bronwyn Kuss 8:30 PM
Bronwyn Kuss
Pillows XXXX
Ray O'Leary 8:30 PM
Ray O'Leary
Your Laughter is Just Making Me Stronger
Schalk Bezuidenhout 8:30 PM
Schalk Bezuidenhout
Keeping Up

Sat. 23 March, 2024

The Umbilical Brothers 5:00 PM
The Umbilical Brothers
The Distraction
Ben Kochan 6:30 PM
Ben Kochan
Winning Smile
Ivan Aristeguieta 6:30 PM
Ivan Aristeguieta
Too Easy
Sam Taunton 7:00 PM
Sam Taunton
How To Tie A Tie
Tom Cashman 7:00 PM
Tom Cashman
Mel Buttle 8:00 PM
Mel Buttle
Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes
Tom Walker 8:00 PM
Tom Walker
Show From The Future It's So Good You'll Think It's From The Future
Tommy Little 8:00 PM
Tommy Little
Tommy Little Has A Regular Size Deck
Ben Russell 8:30 PM
Ben Russell
Danielle Walker 8:30 PM
Danielle Walker
The Lady Upstairs
Ed Byrne 9:30 PM
Ed Byrne
Tragedy Plus Time

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