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Mid-Flight Brawl Live

Finally, we're back for a special live podcast recording in the home of the The Godfather Milkshake & The Candy Shop Mansion

Involving grubs from every walk of life, and generally resulting from a cocktail of alcohol, prescription drugs, being in close proximity to people who are beneath you, and the modern attitude of never, under any circumstances, blaming yourself for the consequences of your actions, Mid Flight Brawl catalogues these incidents, the number of which currently sits at infinity.

There will be no surprise special guests.

Just Nick Cody (former Triple M coke can slinger) and Luke Heggie (your mate from your city) poring over the sordid details of sky fights, while using modern technology to help you to be a part of history.

No dorks please.

  • Date icon Date Sun. 20 March, 2022
  • Time icon Time 3:30 PM
  • Venue icon Venue Basement
  • Tickets icon Tickets $30

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