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Frenchy, a former school teacher, is now multi-talented content creator and works as a comedian, actor, podcaster & YouTuber (650,000 subscribers).

In 2013 he started the YouTube comedy channel 'SungaAttack' which took off in Australia and New Zealand especially. Using the success of his online video, in 2015, Frenchy started touring his solo stand-up comedy shows which feature his charming, self-deprecating style of humour. Since then he has achieved critical acclaim and sold out at all major Australian comedy festivals and massive theatres all around Australia. He has also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 2015-2017 & New Zealand. With his affable, engaging presence and sharp mind, Frenchy has proven to be one of the most proficient crowd work comedians in Australia.

Frenchy's social media presence is continually growing thanks to his hilarious YouTube videos and Instagram posts - collecting thousands of new followers weekly. His Instagram is currently at over 260,000 followers and his Facebook Page has 1.4 million likes. He also tours a new stand-up show every year while he works on new music, writes longer a form comedy series & continues to grow his online presence.

  • Date icon Date Thu. 18 March, 2021
  • Time icon Time 8:45 PM
  • Venue icon Venue Showroom
  • Tickets icon Tickets $39

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