A seagull
Dusty Rich (RSA) Another seagull

Dusty Rich (RSA) The Lying King

Did you know that Giraffes necks are so long because they have incredibly severe flatulence. Natural evolution has helped with this problem by making sure their heads are as far away from there anus as possible. The African elephant is the worst effected due to the length of their noses, but evolution has given them incredibly large ears to wave away the odor.

Naturalist and comedian Dusty Rich has spent his entire life lying. With multiple awards in natural sciences but absolutely none in comedy, the Lying King is a hyena proof hour of stand up comedy from South African comedic prodigy Dusty Rich who was there when they filmed the Lion King. In an age of post truth the Lying King’s kingdom is everything the light touches but Dusty Rich prefers the shadowy places because that’s where the truth is told.

  • Date icon Date Fri. 22 March, 2019
  • Time icon Time 7:00 pm
  • Venue icon Venue The Basement
  • Tickets icon Tickets $25.00

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