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Dusty Rich (RSA) Stand Up Comedy for Kids (and Adults)

Dusty Rich is doing a stand up comedy show FOR KIDS (but also it’s for adults) and it is definitely just for the money. He doesn’t want to do it, but we are making him do it because his kids show is rude, crass and hilarious all ages. Look at the stupid outfit we made him wear!

Dusty Rich is one of South Africa’s best and now one of Australia’s favourites. Touring the country and the world with his wildly improvisational brand of comedy, every kids show Dusty does is a high-wire balancing act, dishing out fits of giggles and remembering not to swear – all while dressed like a dinosaur.

He is going to hate it, but you and your kids are going to love it. Don’t miss this stand up comedy kids show (for adults too) at GC Laughs Festival.

  • Date icon Date Sat. 21 March, 2020
  • Time icon Time 3:00 PM
  • Venue icon Venue The Basement
  • Tickets icon Tickets $20

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