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Dani Cabs Poncho: Keep it Up!

Have you always found it hard to Keep it Up? So has Poncho, on many occasions, and to be honest some of those occasions were harder than others. Poncho believes those hard times were great opportunities for growth – life lessons showing that with the right support he, in-fact, we can all Keep it Up together.

Dani Cabs brings you an hour of absurdist storytelling and physical comedy as the very cheeky Poncho Orange in, Keep it Up!

With an orange flavoured zest for life, this Latino-lovin’ buffoon liquifies the English language so you can slurp its runny honey, gooey goodness down into your internals and be transported into his world of play, love, and…..self help??

Keep it Up! Is about doing exactly that, keeping it up, whatever it might be.

"Zany, erratic and completely absurd, PONCHO ORANGE is what would happen if Salvador Dali and the Mighty Boosh came together to discuss creative differences." Sarah-Jean Nelson - TREV

“With a grin that could slay the most conservative punter, Cabs brought out the best in the audience” Rip it Up, Adeliade ★★★★★

“Poncho Orange’s playtime is great fun and will leave you feeling Jung at heart.” Scott-Patrick Mitchell - Out in Perth

“The laughs are plentiful and you're never quite sure what is going to happen next with Poncho.” Myron My – My Melbourne Arts

  • Date icon Date Thu. 17 March, 2022
  • Time icon Time 8:15 PM
  • Venue icon Venue Theatre 2
  • Tickets icon Tickets $30

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